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Thread: T1 crystals and builds vs. T2

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    Default T1 crystals and builds vs. T2

    Are all the dps in builds pretty similar from t1 to t2? After 1.6 that is.

    Are there any must have t2 4p else the spec will lose 300+ dps? Just want to know.

    Also, generally accepted that t1 4p until 4p HK, or is 2/4 HK ~ 4/4 t1?

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    speaking for pure setbonus of marksman there is:
    4 T3 = 3 T4 (instant shot + 30-35 AP)

    Switching out your 4 T3 for just 2 T4 you would lose the 30 AP from T3 Crystal and gain about the same amount of damage by Ap+Crit from the pieces.
    So best wait on 4 T3-set till swaping the crystal for 3 T4-Bonus.

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