Hey guys (and gals), sorry to bother.

Here's the situation. I haven't played since beta, so I'm a tad bit lost. I'm currently level 30, but have no idea how to go on from here. All of the guides I've been staring at (Zyzyx) and everything don't tell me where I should be right now, just where I should be when I'm 50. That's great and everything, but, well.. I can't use it right now. All of the other ones I see (The leveling build specifically, in the PvE Bible) is from 1.4, and from what I understand has totally changed everything about rogues. I've never liked using bows/guns or anything like that in RPGs, so I'm going to stay away from those. I'd rather reroll.

I just (Just? Heh.) need a few builds/advice.

1. I want to be able to solo/duo quests.
2. I also want to be able to do well in dungeons as DPS.
3. And I also want to be able to tank dungeons as well.

From what I gather, I can't have the same build for 1 and 2. Whatever, not a big deal. But for all of the builds posted, I'm just not sure where I should put my points as I get to 50. I've tried working backwards, but everything looks vital to the build, to me at least. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.