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Thread: Old School Tanking Build

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    Default Old School Tanking Build

    I started during beta, continued through headstart, then took a 7 month hiatus from March until now. I see where a lot has changed, but why go 51 deep in RS? The old school build I used was this:


    Obviously you don't have Planar Attraction, Physical Wellness, or Scatter the Shadows with this build. What you do gain is a total of 12% passive damage reduction between Ranger and RS, +5% total health, +5% dodge, +15% dexterity, 2/3 Combat Culmination, Turn the Tide, and the standard goodies from RS. You have to weigh your playstyle to see if losing the 44-46-51 talents are worth it for what you do.

    Another variable is to drop Ranger completely, go 46 RS/20 BD, max out Combat Culmination, get all but Scatter the Shadows, and pick your 3rd soul based off an entry level ability such as the Saboteur's AoE "Adhesive Bomb." I've never been one to try and do cookie-cutter specs. I like to be unique and have fun, and not worry so much about crunching numbers.

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    Because Scatter the Shadows is THAT good. Unless you only do T1s/T2s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfborne View Post
    I like to be unique and have fun, and not worry so much about crunching numbers.
    If this is true, feel free to disregard the following specs that have proven effective and have had their numbers well and truely crunched.

    Riftstalker(51)/Bladedancer(8)/Ranger(7) - Can swap one point out of Strikeback and put it into Bolster if you like. I usually do. Strikeback is not as critical for AoE agro as it once was. 2% constant mitigation vs 5% dodge from False Blade.

    Riftstalker(41)/Bladedancer(17)/Ranger(8) - More dodge based, but assuming you can keep Turn the Tide up, this is the optimal mitigation build. You do lose Scatter the Shadows though, which hurts.

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    51 RS also gains an extra 12% endurance over the build you listed that goes 36pts deep. Something else to think about
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    I really don't think this guy is raiding, so his spec is fine. Ive never seen anyone pick up Combat Culmination - but really it will do fine for low content... but so will just about anything.

    If you wanna just max out ur self dps for t1/t2 content you can use something silly like the build I use to solo AP, which is something like 26sin 22rs rest bd.

    I wouldn't suggest raiding with that build, it's been brought up a million times that avoidance based tanking (turn the tides) isn't that viable on raid bosses... and when would combat culmination ever be in effect really.
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