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Thread: Tanking build for phys damage bosses

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    Default Tanking build for phys damage bosses

    My guild has just finished clearing BG and RoS and are heading into HK this week.

    With the addition of deflect as a stat I have been looking at a tanking build purely for physical damage bosses. So far I have been using what is a fairly standard 51RS/8RNG/7 bard spec and it has worked just fine. Looking around there is also a concensus that 17 points in bladedancer is useful for turn the tides. However, would it be beneficial to put another 5 points into bladedancer to also get improved False Blade?


    Overall, with false blade up, this spec would give me 24.08% dodge, 11.03% parry, 22% deflect with 38.59% mitigation on deflect.

    The downside is the loss of StS, physical wellness and about 12.5% less mitigation from Rift guard with the fewer points in RS. However, with 35% combined chance to dodge or parry I would expect turn the tides to be up almost constantly, reducing the impact of the loss of rift guard mitigation to an almost negligable amount.

    The way I see this is that 35% of the time I would be taking no damage at all through dodge and parry and, because of turn the tides, the remaining 65% of the time the damage would not be much different to a full RS build. Unfortunately, I don't play around with builds too much as I play fairly casually and I don't know if I am interpretting the numbers correctly.

    I would be much obliged if someone with a bit more know-how could let me know whether this build would work or simply fail hard. Constructive feedback would ofc be appreciated but I can deal with bluntness ;)

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    Right now as mt on most boss fights in hk you want 51rs. those hybrids are fine for trash where you have pleanty of chances to dodge and keep TtT up.

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    I was able to keep TtT up a lot on Murd with like 32% avoidance. But it's not optimal since you are switching tanks and there will be some time you don't have it.

    Overall getting Imp False Blade isn't worth it. It's not enough parry, and avoidance is probly one of the least useful stats when considering a MT if it's in such low amounts,

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    i think you'll find it doesnt matter what spec you use for physical HK bosses, you will take way more damage than your warrior compatriots, to the point that your really doing a disservice to your raid

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