Hello Rogue community in rift,

before i start i'd like to say a couple of things: one is the fact that this build is probably not the best, but its always nice to have something different, I'd also like to ask some help, as im still progressing through HK, i do not have hk weapons or 4 pieces of armor to be able to use the proper synergy crystal therefore i'd like people that have the time and the gear to give this spec a test and post your dps here please and lastly i'd like to notify that im not sure someone else has posted a spec like this before, if that is the case im sorry for wasting your time.

Ok, since i think its stupid to name a build i'll just call it T1 ( for test 1), feel free to rename it...

This is the build:



Builder # 1
#show primal strike
cast puncture
cast backstab
cast savage strike
cast swift shot

PS. have not tested a lot but primal strike from nb might be better. Test it yourself

#show weapon flare
cast weapon flare
cast fan out

Builder Stealth # 1
#show Poison malice
cast Slip away
cast poison malice
cast jagged strike

I fix my bar as on the following way

1)Builder # 1
3)Final Blow
5) fiery strike
6) Aoe
9) stealth

(from this point in another bar i have)

s1)Builder Stealth # 1
s2) Poison malice
s3) slip away

The main idea of the spec is too keep fiery strike at 3 stacks all the time and renew impale when it wears off. Making your main finished Final blow.
The way i build combo points is:

Stealth->Poison malice-> Jagger strike-> Builder # 1->Builder # 1 ( here you should have 5 combo points)-> Impale.

fiery strike 3x-> Builder # 1-> Builder # 1-> Final blow.
(During combat):
fiery strike 1x-> Builder # 1; 4x-> Final Blow (repeat this 2 more times)
fiery strike 1x-> Builder # 1; 4x-> Imaple

(when off cd):
Builder Stealth # 1 when your poison malice is off cd.

And that basically it, its a really easy rotation. Well at least for me its wasn't hard to keep up with it.

-Lethal poison
-Virulent poison
-Baneful touch
- etc..

With my current gear, with one gsb relic dagger, 1 DH off hand sword, and 1 dh bow, and full t3 gear, expect the my belt which is hk vendor and ofc using Assasin synergy crystal I am parsing around 1.620 on the dummy. Taking in mind i had a friend rogue giving me fervor... or else i couldn't keep up with the energy.
PS. don't use the stealth builder on the dummy when testing... its removes all the fiery spikes....

Well that was all. I hope you guys could give me some feed back and also link dps on dummy. Thx and have a nice game :P