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Thread: Ranged spec.

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    Default Ranged spec.

    I'm fairly new to this game, trying different specs for my rogue to see what workds best for me. So far I like this one. Thought I would share, feel free to comment or add suggestions. Thanks,


    so far with my rotation its 956 ST DPS
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    is this a pve spec? if so this spec isnt very good for many reasons but mostly you dont have the bonus from shadow fire, or headshot, id recommend 51mm 15 ranger, http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0MNfp.AMRb.EGtRqdAudR


    use that rotation, same rotation for that spec in his thread as 51 mm, i like 51 mm more just cuz i dont like haveing to worry about a pet

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