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Thread: What's the best partner for a Rogue Ranger?

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    Default What's the best partner for a Rogue Ranger?

    For a duo, what would partner best with a Rogue Ranger?

    What synergies does the class have with others for quest leveling?

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    The Ranger spec excels at soloing. The biggest thing to remember however is that the ranger pet has terrible aoe threat, and the survivability isn't really there for ranger unless the pet is tanking, with that said any class can complement another class given the right spec. The ranger spec is more meant for soloing and single mobs at a time, any dps class doing single target damage will expediate that process. Now, a good duo given that you want to stay in the ranger tree would be having another class tank/aoe dps for you, all the classes have specs that will excel at this and given ranger has some of the best aoe a rogue can get, this would be good. So, a cleric imo would do the best, with their icar spec, or "battery spec" as it's called, the more mobs they pull, the better their damage is and the better their heals/survival is.
    With them pulling, you can use rain of arrows for a large amount of mobs and trick shot for a smaller amount and you can also kill ranged mobs that can be a nuisance. When the cleric pulls, just make sure you put yourself on top of them so if you pull aggro with either aoe, the mobs wont run towards you and thus ruin the clerics aoe.

    This is of course just one example of how two classes can work together. with the very flexible class system in rift any two classes can work together to accomplish fast grinding.
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