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Thread: Starting a Rogue alt, need advice

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    Default Starting a Rogue alt, need advice

    Hey guys. This alt is made for crafting but I'll want to level it to 50 and do PvP occasionally too. I'd love it if some of you experts could spare some time and answer these:

    Best ''leveling build''? - > Open world questing, invasions etc. Needs survivability
    Best dungeon DPS build?
    Best AoE build? Is this Marksman fanout? Or some sort of Saboteur build?

    How to spec as a low level dungeon tank? Just into Riftstalker or?

    Barding? Do I just spec into bard or? Also is bard worth the DPS loss of a single DPS'er in 5 man dungeons?

    Low level PvP? I'm going to guess fully spec into Marksman?

    Any help appreciated a ton, thanks. I'll be browsing through pages of this forum but it's nice when people reply with up to date info all in one place.. :-)
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    All the information you seek is in the Sticky.

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    Default the advice is...

    roll a warrior instead, they are the hotness and it looks like they will continue to be for some time

    is you insist on being a rogue;

    Cuisinart build for everything leveling oriented after about lvl 20-30, bard/ranger before that

    Make a tank to laugh and cry a lot, but get insta-dungeon queue's

    Don't bother barding it up, just level

    At 50, if before 1.6, try the 44NS/22RS build or some 44MM build for pvp. Prior to 50 pvp, a deep Assassin or deep sabo maybe? I don't bother with pvp prior to 50 myself, even though it is probably the most fun.

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