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Thread: Does Forrest Gump PvP in Rift?

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    Default Does Forrest Gump PvP in Rift?

    I've been facing players who can move extremely fast during combat. Like some combination of Forrest Gump and a wounded cockroach, they spin around while moving much, much faster than normal run speed. I know that some rogue souls give speed enhancements or sprints, but I've seen mages, warriors and clerics doing it too. They often are able to not only move super fast, but keep facing me as well. So, I know that's a skilled player to begin with... but the speed of their movement is what has me confused.

    I normally play with about a 250ms latency, so some of my melee issues could be due to latency... since I have to be so close to another player to hit them with a melee attack.

    But, I've played other games where players were cheating using speed hacks that caused them to move much faster than intended/allowed. I hope that's not what's going on here.

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    It's top secret info!

    Part of it is probably your latency. I run about 60 and don't have any issues.

    I guess I'm not fully understanding what your actual issue is. Are the players running fast or are they turning quickly?

    Running is a speed buff (there are a number of class buffs and performance insoles). If you have latency issues you may have trouble keeping up depending on how you run (auto run vs mouse/key press).

    As for turning, there are a number of things this could be, none of which have to do with game mechanics (player skill and/or computer equipment most likely).

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    1) Rogues have several sprints at their disposal
    2) Mouse turning and strafing FTW! You can strafe as fast as you run forward, only running backward slows you down
    3) Sucks to lag
    4) Rogues are like a box of chocolates. Some have nice creamy centers and you can eat them up. Some will own you so bad you question the rogue class, your class, the game and life in general to the point you post on their forums.

    And NEVER admit in writing to getting owned by Forrest Gump. Just not good for the self-image.
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    I am pretty sure it has to do something with a blue orb in a specific Warfront.

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    These are 3 possible cases:
    1) Speed buffs from skills and items. For rogue, you have sprint of BD 70% speed, anthem of compentence of Bard 20% speed, on the double of MM 70% speed, hasted time of RS 50% speed, swift shot of MM 3-5% speed of each stack up to 5 stacks, hasted shot of MM 30% speed buff. For items, we have performance insole (enhancement item usable on feets) gives 5% speed, With those buffs + srafing to left/right, its easy to keep your toon going around other players.

    2) Lantency - aka internet connection. 250ms is not terribad. However, 400+ms is unplayable. You will expericence 1 or more sec delays, which means your toon reacts way slower than other players.

    3) Your video card. This happens when your laptop/desktop is few years old, your video card has to overwork to handle the game, which leads to overheat at some point. Then your frame per second drops or even worse it is freeze for few seconds. Then when the freeze is over, your toon is also killed.
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