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Thread: What is your MM spec?

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    Default What is your MM spec?

    Looking for some secondary souls to take with MM. Infiltrator soul looks pretty solid. I really like having saboteur just for the ae snare bombs. Ranger is decent for +5% crit and crippling shot. Then of course rift stalker is good for self defense teleports and mitigation. What do you take with MM and why?
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    This is a damage heavy spec. It is not for the beginner or low valor person. It does excellent damage, has some extra tricks and perma stealth is just way too good to pass up for WF objectives. People may quarrel about not having Static Shot but it's too unreliable to use in my own pesonal experience. If one has higher valor and good situational awareness this would be a great spec to use.

    If one were a newer MM, going Nightblade instead of Assassin to get Twilight Shelter for added survivability would be highly recommended. 48-18-0 Inf.

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    PvE or PvE, I assume for PvP since you said infiltrator.

    Until you reach rank four, use nightblade or ranger.
    After rank four, infiltrator. I can not pass up on that extra damage and bonuses for pvp.

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