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Thread: Issue with Bladedancer AOE, maybe.

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    Default Issue with Bladedancer AOE, maybe.

    As it stands, I'm pretty sure if you are spamming Twin Strike on AOE packs it is actually pointless to use Compound Attack until you are certain that all the mobs would be dead before a Deadly Strike + 3 Twin Strikes would kill them. If this is true is it really OK to have an AOE finisher that is only used under very specific circumstances in favor of a ST finisher + CP builders?

    I know CA was buffed in damage, but it still seems pointless to use. Maybe let it hit 8 enemies, or inverse it and give it more damage and have it do more damage the more mobs you hit it with, but not be worth using on a single target (as it stands it actually does the most up-front damage of any of the BD finishers save Deadly Strike).

    New Tooltip would read thus:

    Compound Attack
    A Finisher that deals weapon plus Physical damage, to the enemy and up to 4 other enemies around it. Energy Cost is reduced with more Combo Points. Damage is increased 10% per enemy up to a max of 50%. Damage bonus from Attack Power is increased with more Combo Points.
    1 Point: 36 damage
    2 Points: 59 damage
    3 Points: 83 damage
    4 Points: 95 damage
    5 Points: 119 damage

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    Yes compound Attack is useless, but not everything has to be useful. Blade Dancer is all about using DD to buff your attacks, that is just how the soul works. TBH i don't really care that Compound Attack is useless, i don't know why it would matter, its just one less ability i have to keep on my bar.
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    make it so compound attack gives deadly dance buff ,but only to twin strike problem solved
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    When time allows I'll be looking at the issue with the class guys.

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