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Thread: Rogue Leveling Souls

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    Default Rogue Leveling Souls

    What are the best souls for leveling? I'm currently mm/ranger and it's going fairly well... But I'm wondering if there's a faster way.

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    Take Riftstalker to 13 (for 3/3 scavenger), then Sin to 31 (for slip away and uber stealth), then the rest in Dancer.

    Riftstalker makes you slightly tougher and auto-heals you every time something dies.

    Sin gives you stealth to skip annoying trash and go straight to your objective. Also the bulk of your combo points from 3-point stealth opener->Puncture. Boom, instant 5-point combo. More self-healing through leeching poison and Brew for emergencies.

    Dancer gives you energy efficiency so you don't energy starve. Also AoE and a dodge cooldown to keep your HP up.

    You have 4 finishers:
    1) Guarded Steel: 30% armor (less damage taken)
    2) Annihilate: 15% Attack Power
    3) Dauntless Strike: 5% crit
    4) False Blade: 5% dodge, 3% parry

    During combat, you gain the following buffs:
    1) All of the above
    2) Cloak and Dagger: 15% increased Damage, 15% less taken
    3) Cruel Vengeance: 10% increased Damage

    Each time you kill a target with CPs on it, you gain the following buffs:
    1) Rift Scavenger: auto-heal for 6% per combo point, up to 30% max (actually more due to Boosted Recovery)
    2) Combat Culmination: 3% Crit/Hit/Dodge/Parry, 15 energy per combo point, up to 75 max

    You open from stealth, get 5 CPs, do a buff finisher. Then you spam your basic DPS (your choice on Savage or Quick/Keen/Precision) until it dies. Let it die with CPs on it, if it has 5 CPs and still has a good chunk of HP, do another buff finisher and quickly get more CPs before it dies.

    Once all your buff finishers are up, you just roll from mob to mob, maintaining your buff finishers, letting things die with CPs on them, re-stealthing when it's off cooldown to get Cloak and Dagger back up.
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