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Thread: Rogue Raiding

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    Default Rogue Raiding

    I'm not sure whether rogue stats scale the same way with other DPS classes, what are decent raiding stats for a melee dps rogue?

    currently: level 50
    AP: 540
    crit: 700
    hit: 230

    all unbuffed

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    Depends on your spec - some specs scale better with crit and some scale better with ap.

    In general here's how it goes:

    BD, MM, NB, Bard.

    Assassin, Sab

    Ranger and RS

    So as you're gearing up have that in mind. Once you have all purple lessers in your essence and some raid gear the other thing to be concerned about is the crit softcap. It's very easy to reach. Aim to hit no more then 1k crit self buffed, if you pass this number then switch around gear trying to get your ap up. With raid buffs 1k crit brings you up to around the softcap.

    If you're a hybrid spec, then think of it this way... dots don't scale well with ap. The more dot heavy you are the more likely you are to get a bigger benefit from crit. Expose weakness helps a lot to fix ap scaling on dots in assassin, but I'd still stack crit at your gear level until you're at 1k... if you choose assassin.
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    ^great guidelines

    You're fine to start raiding, you should be able to pull 1k+ dps with those stats and you have the hit requirements. Looks almost identical to what I had in full t2 dungeon gear before getting some deathbringer gear and raid rift drops.

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    Default Kitah @ Whitefall here. 51 14 1rs parse

    Time: 02:28 Ally DPS: 2843 Kitah :2025 Hayn :818

    parsing over 2k with tablet.

    rank 8 bow, + mm synergy.

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