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Thread: At the end of the days , which melee spec is the king ?

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    Default At the end of the days , which melee spec is the king ?

    Hello people.
    I just join a guild who is at 10/11 (french guild , because im french probably....) HK.
    For the moment i use two melee dps spec depending fight (if im assign to interupt or not , if this is a heavy movement fight) :
    A blade / assasin spec :


    And the nightblade one :


    All used with proper rotation and macro.

    But i have a question who haunt me , every night.
    What is the spec who can provide the best damage output of all (I speak in terms of melee spec , i know MM rocks , but i hate playing a range dps. )

    So , i know there is plenty of guids about each spec , (asstalker , assdancer , etc....) but there is no true ranking.
    So for you , wich spec is the best ?
    What do you think about the 2 spec i use ?

    Thanks for the reply.
    ps : sorry for the bad english , im a poor lonesome froggy lost in a long , long way from home .

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    For single-target DPS, best I have seen is still http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...dps-build.html

    Build http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...cxofVz0R.x0x0m

    Variations listed in the thread.

    Assassin synergy crystal STRONGLY recommended.

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