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Thread: New Rogue all tips welcome =D

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    Default New Rogue all tips welcome =D

    Hello every1 i been playing a Cleric but as one is hard to kill stuff for me maybe im not doing it right or just not well geared enough for pvp yet...anyhow on all the WF's i've been i've seen some good rogues just own faces like theres no tomorrow and i rly want to try it out just made one lvl 10 and b4 i go any deeper into the soul trees i'd like to ask the experts looking for a solid pvp spec mainly cuz as a dpser is a pain to wait for grps to get formed trion we rly need help with that " LFG" tool that loves to make us wait for hrs n no grp...so yes pvp as a main spec and a good solo/questing lvling in case i get the itch for some crafting materials. TNX in advance guys =D

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    Did you even look at the rogue forums before posting this?

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    If you really only made a rogue because they faceroll you then there are other problems at hand. There are way too many rogues, learn cleric better and be a real pro

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