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Thread: Rogue Tank Resist Sigils

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    Default Rogue Tank Resist Sigils

    I would appreciate your critique since I finally got off my butt and started farming to build these stupid things.

    The life resist sigil is increbily easy to build by just farming zone events all day, followed by the water one. The death and fire sigil are going to be a pain. I can't recall off-hand if expert rift chest lessers are "unique equip". If they aren't then I would be farming fleeting curses. If not, then this is going to be a weak sigil. I guess I can slap a high waters at the end just for the extra boost to stats. It seems it would make more sense to forgo the death/fire sigils and just have a couple extra sets of chest/shoulders with their respective runes. I would then get to enjoy my generic tank sigil which is fully loaded and my death/fire resist would be ~174 (RS + Planar + raid buff + 2xrunes)...even closer to cap with a resist flask.

    Anyways. I would appreciate it if you can tell me what you think the best resist sigil looks like to tell me how far off-base I am.

    *edit...sorry this looks better if post kept the tables*
    Rune--- Resist--- Location--- Stats---
    Guardian Root--- Life--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end17/LR24
    Maelow's Root--- Life--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end21/str13/dod16/LR16
    Oak Wisdom--- Life--- Raid Rift (stillmoor)--- end24/parr12/LR15
    Bending Reed--- Life--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end10/dex16/str11/LR12
    Wild Roots Life--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end9/dex12/str16/LR12
    Stunning Acrobatics--- Life--- Vendor - Fortune's Shore--- end12/str8/parr7/LR6
    Guardian Rites--- Death--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end17/DR24
    Endless Horror--- Death--- Raid Rift (stillmoor)--- end23/dod15/DR15
    Fleeting Curses--- Death--- Expert Rift (stillmoor)--- end14/dex10/dod8/DR11
    Deathly Hand--- Death--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end15/str20/blk31/DR16
    Rigid Stance--- Death--- Vendor - Whitefall--- end11/str7/dod9/DR6
    Guardian Spark--- Fire--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end17/FR24
    Smoldering Eye--- Fire--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end20/dex14/parr15/FR16
    Moving Candle--- Fire--- Raid Rift (SS)--- end19/dex12/parr13/FR15
    Explosive Rebuff--- Fire--- Expert Rift (SS)--- end14/str10/blk16/FR11
    Combusting Rage--- Fire--- ??--- end10/dex7/str7/FR6
    Guardian River--- Water--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end17/WR24
    High Waters--- Water--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end24/dex10/dod14/WR16
    Flowing Wall--- Water--- Raid Rift (IPP)--- end19/dex12/dod15/WR15
    Torrential Strength--- Water--- Vendor - Sanctum--- end16/str12/dod9/WR12
    Flood Gates--- Water--- Raid Rift (IPP)--- end20/str12/blk27/WR15
    Battle Tide Water--- ??--- end11/dex8/str8/WR6
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    sorry...that is really ugly...and I can't seem to keep tables so let me try this....

    Guardian Root... Vendor... end17/LR24
    Maelow's Root... Vendor... end21/str13/dod16/LR16
    Oak Wisdom... Raid Rift... end24/parr12/LR15
    Bending Reed... Vendor... end10/dex16/str11/LR12
    Wild Roots... Vendor... end9/dex12/str16/LR12
    Stunning Acrobatics... Vendor... end12/str8/parr7/LR6

    Guardian Rites... Vendor... end17/DR24
    Endless Horror... Raid Rift... end23/dod15/DR15
    Fleeting Curses... Expert Rift... end14/dex10/dod8/DR11
    Deathly Hand... Vendor ... end15/str20/blk31/DR16
    Rigid Stance... Vendor... end11/str7/dod9/DR6

    Guardian Spark... Vendor... end17/FR24
    Smoldering Eye... Vendor... end20/dex14/parr15/FR16
    Moving Candle... Raid Rift... end19/dex12/parr13/FR15
    Explosive Rebuff... Expert Rift... end14/str10/blk16/FR11
    Combusting Rage... ??... end10/dex7/str7/FR6

    Guardian River... Vendor... end17/WR24
    High Waters... Vendor... end24/dex10/dod14/WR16
    Flowing Wall... Raid Rift... end19/dex12/dod15/WR15
    Torrential Strength... Vendor... end16/str12/dod9/WR12
    Flood Gates... Raid Rift... end20/str12/blk27/WR15
    Battle Tide Water... ??... end11/dex8/str8/WR6

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    Good list, couple of notes:

    For life I think one of the nice RR drops is not unique equip so you can load up with them.

    For death there are some cleric lessers worth using because of the high end/DR compared to the blues you have listed. This is mostly notable for loading up for Alsbeth since you won't be taking much phys damage anyway and dodge is mostly meaningless there. Herald auto-attacks aren't too bad and I'm more concerned about taking massive breath dmg than dodging here. Pluto is manageable with a mountain of hp; the worst is autoattack+cipher+clap but DR here is nice.

    I'm still working on water so no comment there and I'm waiting to see the new content before spending time/resources on a fire engine (lol). It's notable that all the event crap has earth resist on it as well so I'm wondering if ER will be the focus instead of fire; if anyone has better info I'd appreciate it since I'm too lazy to PTS this stuff.
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