Posted the same post in the cleric forum to but curious what you rogues think about this?

I have been doing some thinking on how to make VM and FB have a place in this game without making them overpowered and with the goal of rewarding options and strategic play based on skill. I think most people agree on that right now these abilities are a bit over the top and most likely they will get nerfed in future patches. My ideas would nerf them in a creative way at least hehe
Heres my idea, rogues flame on!

The facts:
VM and FB debuff heals by 50%
VM and FB are passive procs and therefore not depending on skill of the player. This is a very boring concept imo.
VM and FB can be used on multiple targets and this is by many people concidered OP.

The easy fix:
Make VM and FB single target only (so you can just keep them up on one target at the time).
This will however not take care of the boring passive proc mechanic

The creative approach:
Make VM and FB real stand alone abilities that consume a GCD and do no damage, just heal dubuffs.
Make VM and FB work on multiple targets at the same time (like it is now)
Make VM and FB clensable (like it is now)
Make VM and FB have a 0 sec cast time and a 0 sec recast time (apart from the GCD) but..and heres the beauty..
Make VM and FB have the following effect on the rogue "reduces damage done by the rogue to all players by 20% per VM/FB, applied by the rogue that is active on other players"

What the above would give you is that if the rogue has VM or FB up on one target they would do 80% of their damage to any targets, if VM/FB up on two targets they would do 60% etc etc

The beuty of the above is that it would give the following result:

1. As VM and FB will be real abilities with a penelty for the rogue the rogues will need to do an active choice on when to use them and when not to. This will take care of the boring passive proc mechanic and will also take care of the fact that a rogue right now can both healdebuff, do massive amounts of damage and get heals at the same time.

2. Rogues would still want to put a VM/FB up on healers even at the penelty of damage but they will need to work together. For example a 3MM team on one side will need to communicate on who will put the debuff up on what healer or potentially one of the MM will put it up on all three healers and thus effectively will be more of a support role in that WF than actually a damage role

3. In a 1vs1 with a cleric or healmage the rogue will have a harder time killing the cleric/mage as they will have a 20% reduced damage debuff

4. In a situation where the rogue wants to heal up fast they will put VM/FB up on many targets effectively making their own damage very low but siphoning large amounts of heals from the oposing team, making them more tank like as they will do very low damage but will be harder to kill

5. As VM/FB will be clensable a cleric/mage will most likely clense it asap but the rogue can reaply it within a GCD. This gives opportunity for i e a MM to get assigned on keeping the debuff up on a specificly "annoying" cleric/mage. They will loose 20% of their damage done plus all the GCDs used to reapply the debuff so it will be a bit of nullifying the opposing healer (or at least 50% debuffing him/her)

All in all the above changes would make rogues much more of a utility class when using VM/FB. They can still on the fly adjust and controll if they want to avoid useing VM/FB to maximize damage or if they think its more beneficial for the team to keep 1 or more healers healdebuffed.
The above changes will award active thinking, teamplay and communication. Keeping rogues in a position where they can still DPS as good as now (if they do not use VM/FB) or actively making the choice to suffer some or much of their DPS in order to be more of a debuff/ role.

Any thoughts on this ?