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Thread: Below crit cap - stack AP or crit?

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    Default Below crit cap - stack AP or crit?

    Ive been running 51MM as my main DPS spec, and stacking AP like it's going out of fashion, to the point that my unbuffed crit is only around 900. Is this a sensible way to be going about things, or should I be stacking crit to the softcap before I worry about loading up on AP? Other rogues in my guild are insistent that you should go for crit until you hit 1089 unbuffed and only then start stacking AP... but I think they're full of crap and the crazy scaling of AP in MM spec makes crit look like garbage by comparison.

    Any thoughts one way or the other?

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    I try to hover around 1k crit in all of my specs. I actually use a full crit engine for my MM spec with a pred soulstone, but thats because i have AP stacked everywhere else, and since MM has no dex talent in it, my crit is really low without it.
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    If you have 900 unbuffed you are fine. Just because the crit cap is there, doesnt mean you have to hit it. Where you are at, do exactly what you are doing. AP, AP, and more AP. ESPECIALLY if you are doing MM.

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    1089 unbuffed is already a good deal over the cap.

    You get:

    52 Dex from Vitality of Stone
    52 Dex from Fanfare of Power
    35-40 Dex from vial
    ~25 Dex from Resonance

    So just stepping into a raid you get about 160 crit. The soft cap is 1187, so you're wanting to hit about 1020 unbuffed.

    As the actual question, "stacking" AP or crit (to the exclusion of the other) is never the correct way of looking at things. Instead, you should be asking the stats relative values. This is true even when you're at the cap (though the values change).

    I value 2.3-2.4 crit = 1 AP until the cap is reached. 11-12 crit = 1 AP after the cap.

    So you can see that even after reaching the cap, there is an amount of crit that will make it worth dropping AP, its just very high.

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