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Thread: A simple thought for Bladedancer

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    Default A simple thought for Bladedancer

    Last week I posted about the Bladedancer and the failure to make it "in your face" as Trion claimed with 1.5. A few responded with generally the same thought that Bladedancer is a secondary soul that is generally only used for supporting other primary roles, which I think is a shame.

    I'm wondering if taking Twilight Transcendence from Nightblade and giving it to the Bladedancer at 44 may kill two birds with one stone.

    Does this help ease the moaning about Nightblade and give people a reason to finally make Bladedancer a viable independent soul?
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    In pvp, it may help, but in pve, it does jack. without assassin support for serrated blades and poisons, you lose too much dps to begin with.

    my solution for bladedancer would be to add a 36 point root ability that allows it's on dodge/parry talent and reactive procs to proc off of the target of your buff, but no longer able to proc off of yourself.

    this would add strike back dps, a 10% turn the tide dps boost, and allow reprisal to be used in pve. that's 5 more non-wasted points for pve dps.

    The pvp fix i would recommend for bladedancer would be to make hit only affect NPC avoidance.
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