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Thread: Why not give Bladedancers a passive block

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    Default Why not give Bladedancers a passive block

    in 1.5 Trion said they wanted bladedancer to be a "in your face" Rogue in 1.6 Trion says they want to address tanking as a whole. So why not give BD a block passive. Replace Improved false Blades with deadly dance. and Change improved false Blades to a Blocking passive based on a % of dex. the chance to block should be lower than warriors. this will allow you to improve rs mitigation by giving them access to block thru bladedancer improve bladedancers ability to be in your face and remov the deadly dance problem all in one shot.
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    my guess is u talkin for pvp, cause for pve we are fine as tanks right now, our threat is way better than warriors and way way better than clerics.
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