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Thread: Viable Sabo build 1.5?

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    Default Viable Sabo build 1.5?

    I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but I was wondering if there was a viable sabo based PVE build post 1.5, I always thought sabo seemed like a fun spec and wasn't around to learn to hate it at 50 pre 1.5. Thank you in advance.

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    Look in the sticky threads for rogue. There are several builds there.

    I personnaly used the "cuisinart" build all the way to 50 without a problem. Took 3 days of playtime. I quested 95% of the time too.

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    ^ I am thinking you read "solo" instead of "sabo." Regardless if you want to go sab in 1.5 46sab/20sin/0rng is probably your best bet.
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