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Thread: 1.5 Rogue Aoe Build sin/rs/bd

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    Default 1.5 Rogue Aoe Build sin/rs/bd

    Random AOE Build for pve/chronicles/farming. I haven't messed around much with other souls but this seems to work. I included a video but that's about as good as it gets with pvp gear only. I'm guessing with raid tank/dps gear you can get a lot more elites together.


    25 sin / 23 rs / 18 bd

    single target macro

    cast Reprisal
    cast Phantom Blow
    cast Percision Strike
    cast Quick Strike
    cast Keen Strike

    Twin Stirke, Shadow Blitz as aoe builders
    Rift Disturbance for random aoe/pulling
    Deadly Strike/Guarded Steel or Compound Attack (AOE) as finisher
    Leeching poison to keep you alive.
    Flash of Steel for the show.

    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqHQ_F04K14

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    I used a variation of this while leveling. I plan to try this for soloing Chronicles. Thanks for reminding me to revise my spec.

    What happened to the video?

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