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Thread: Maybe I'm looking at this wrong

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    Default Maybe I'm looking at this wrong

    P7 rogue and I respecced one of my roles to 51sin/15BD. I had fun with this spec in 1.4 but it wasn't half as lethal as it is now. With the buff to Assassinate and taking full advantage of Deadly Dance buffs you can almost one shot lower rank players with DS > Slip Away > target new victim > Assassinate + SS. It's pretty comical, but I fear a nerf because of how bursty it is.

    Has anyone else burst into laughter after pulling this off?

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    rank8 warriors still 2 shot lower ranked people. No reason r7/r8 rogues shouldnt be able to as well. its called "balance". Its also why they added "vengeance"

    also, if you guys are so scared of something being nerfed, a)dont use it very often and b)dont post it on the forums so every cheeser on the planet can find out about it and abuse it. THATS how things get nerfed.
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