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Thread: Sabo PvP?

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    Default Sabo PvP?

    I've been noticing more sabos in PvP since 1.5. Has anyone tried this spec out lately? It just seems like there are so many other better options at the moment, but since I keep seeing them maybe there's something I'm missing. How competitive are sabos now?

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    There weren't really many changes to Sabo, but I've been using it off and on a lot more than before. This is mainly because there are so many rogues playing (MM) right now. The warriors and clerics take little damage with the armor and valor from the charges (especially in comparison to their hp total), so it was fairly hard to use when the Guardians were fielding primarily clerics and warriors. Now that they are flooded with rogues though, I can just about one shot them when they're in MM spec. :P So, for me I'm just using Sabo more because of all of the MM rogues, and my loving to see them die in a single detonate heh. I have altered my Sabo build slightly from 1.4 to 1.5, but the damage is nearly identical.

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