I'm just trying to compare other builds to what I have.
This is no noob thread, no trolling, no qq.
I am R8 rogue, and I want to see what kind of builds you guys came up with and why.
Looking for a good MM build and Melee build.

My current range build is 51MM/15INF - I like this particularly because of the damage. It doesn't have a lot of survivability, (Retreat, Run buff, refresh, break free, cleanse) 51 point munition is really good, +20% damage with 10 stacks and if you include the INF talent it adds you another 20% with 10 stacks. + all the passive goodies you get from putting points into the MM soul.
I am willing to go down to 38 MM if you guys show me why =)

My melee build is 44NB/14BD/8bard - With this I get all of the defensive CD from NB, also get 1 interrupt, charge, and DD from BD, and bard provides extra 10% hp, heal, crit, ap motif.

If you think your build is better don't be shy and post it ! Show me what kind of build you've come up with.