This specc has been one of my personal favourites through the PTS testing, In my parses it's been performing quite well.

This specc has one buildermacro.

#show Keen Strike
cast expose weakness
cast puncture
cast precision strike
cast backstab
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike
cast blade tempo
cast swift shot

And as a finisher , just use Deadly Strike. Or use this macro to take care of both melee and ranged finishers

#show Rapid fireshot
cast deadly strike
cast rapid fireshot
cast hasted shot

Blade tempo can be taken out of the macro so you can save it for burnphases.
Poison malice could probably be added to the macro, but from my parses it turned out to be a dps loss.

Now my gear isn't the best, the tests I've run have been done with 4 pieces of R6 gear and R6 PvP Crystal R8 weapons, and the rest T1 raidgear.

For me this seems to perfom quite well compared to most of the other speccs I've seen. I'd like some feedback from the community on the build, and on the macro's. Would also like to know if people think this will be a viable raidspecc.