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Thread: Gearing for Chronicles: Solo/Duo

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    Default Gearing for Chronicles: Solo/Duo

    Hello, long time lurker, first time poster in the rogue forums. It goes without saying alot of us rogue's are going to be happy camper's after the update today (For a little while, at least...). As long as i've played mmo's, I've always loved the aspect of soloing/low manning objectives or dungeons that would otherwise take alot more people, so when they announced Chronicles, I was pretty psyched.

    With that said, my question is simple. My rogue is going to be a fresh 50 soon, and I'm curious as to how some of you more experienced rogues are going to go about gearing up for these. The obvious choice in my head says go balls to the wall DEX/Dodge, but I could be wrong. I also have no clue how to choose my souls for these either.

    How are you gearing your rogue for Chronicles?
    What is your build going to look like for soloing and for duoing Chronicles?

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    p4 or dungeon tier 1/2 will do it easy for the solo chronicle

    the duo, 2 p4 sins can do it easy but healer/dps is best way to go has a rogue


    Some deep into the melee tree like 51 bd/51sin/51NB and then get 0 points side steps if you dont go BD

    One of the top melee dps specc for pve here on the rogue forum will work fine

    Its fairly easy
    I quited Rift, the lack of end game pvp+Gear based game+AoE zerg fest on many WF just kill the way i like pvp. (am p7,5)
    Small Skirmishes all over the place
    Currently am playing SC2 and Team Fotress 2, if you like skill based balanced games, try then out, btw Team Fotress 2 is now FREE!

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    My understanding is that if you're anything but a fresh 50, chronicles are easy as pie to complete. Take a little bard, or some riftstalker to get healback on kills and you're set to solo it all without difficulty. If you're fresh 50 with no T1/T2 gear, just bring a friend along to get a little 50 gear first.

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    I've had a blast leveling using the Cuisinart build, mainly because of the zero downtime, utility for every situation, and some great numbers. It seems to me that i'll keep using it for these now, which im perfectly fine with. I just got finished reading a chronicles thread in the pts forum, and it seems I may be overestimating the difficulty of these. However, the eventual goal for me would be to get to the point where I can solo HK like all the other sad fat kids that didnt get a Murdantix the first time around and want another chance lol.

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    my version of cuisinard worked well in all these chronicles for solo play.

    bladetempo -> darkmalady -> shadow assault -> aoe-channel
    10k dmg per mob in 6 seconds
    target the weakest target to get heal from the 3cp on them qhile cleaving the adds


    cc 2 elites and kill them one after another while getting healed by riftstalker

    of course my raidgear is very good for this task, but it should be possible with lesser gear and hot-pots

    sin for leechning poison is also an option, but i prefer the defensive cooldowns of bd+nb

    rangers petheal is not strong enough if cant kill the mobs before they kill your boar
    bard-heal-motif doesnt work on your pet


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