I have seen a multitude of posts requesting an exorbinant amount of changes to the bard tree. Some of these posts have really good ideas, but many of them overcomplicate too many things. It is my opinion that Trion is more likely to recognize a more simple conceptual change than such a large one like I have seen suggested (I.e. Making the order of your motives change the buffs etc).

My thoughts (these are not original thoughts, just a sifting of the fluff):

#1: Make Power Chord refresh your motives to their full duration of 30 seconds.

#2: Change the talent "Invigorated Soul" to also include the damage from Coda of Wrath/Fury.

This simplifies the requirement to keep the motives up by using 1 GCD instead of 5, also incorporates Power Chord into the rotation more. Furthermore, this allows the bard to contribute more DPS. These changes probably will not bring bard DPS in line with archon, but it will bring it closer.

Sidenote: plural of motif is, in fact, motives and is pronounced with a short I sound. The singular form is pronounced with a long E. I have a degree in music, and that's why I know.