Nothing vets probably don't already know but I'm relatively new to this game and I only discovered this stuff by accident so thought others new to sab or thinking about making one might like to know.

- With 3 pts in Silent Setup Time Bomb does not make aggro (I never tried without SS so for all I know it doesn't cause aggro even without SS) until it goes off; so for soloing tough mobs you can load up 5 charges and a time bomb then detonate as the time bomb goes off and then sticky bomb and put another time bomb and start loading charges again. Just be careful the bomb going off doesn't draw in adds if you can't handle them.

- Land Mines are a huge help because they knock back the mob thus giving more time for Spike Charges to tick before it reaches you, in addition to doing decent damage; I lay down a Booby Trap in the center for maximum damage before the mob reaches me; getting LM really made soloing mobs tons easier with less DT since I could now kill them before they could hit me much if at all.

- You can only have 1 Time Bomb on per mob, if you add a second before the first goes off it just overwrites the countdown.

- Rapid Setup does not break stealth, so you can use it while stealthed and wait till the CD is almost over to come out with the charges; this would be even better if you could get perma stealth for 15 pts but you can't.

- Carpet Bombing does not break stealth so you can use it while stealthed and then wait till just before the cooldown expires before busting out of stealth.

- With Rapid Setup in many cases you should hit it every time the CD expires even if you are not in combat so that the average time until the next one is available will be 30 seconds instead of 1 minute; this is not necessarily best with Carpet Bombing since one of its effects is to reset the CDs of all bombs so it is usually most efficient to drop bombs and then pop CB so you get 5 bombs off quickly instead of just 4. Of course if you are gonna use it from stealth you can't do that but if you time the CD well you can still get off 8 of the same bomb.

- Both carpet Bombing and Rapid Setup remain in effect until their CD cycles and then the effect is over; so for maximum effect you can pop CB, wait a minute and a half or so, then pop RS and wait 50 seconds then bust out with a 5-charge, then drop 4 bombs, then RS and bust another 5-charge then CB and 4 more bombs. This is only useful for PvE since you can't get both RS and perma stealth.

- Long Range Bombing is nice since it also reduces the CD of your bombs, this is important for Chemical, Adhesive and Choking Gas bombs as it gives you a 10 sec CD on an 8 second effect. Chemical bombs are good for interrupting people from taking flags (good on 3 maps); sticky and chokey bombs are good to support the flag runner in White Falls, and chokey bombs are just fun

- Land Mines are good to have around flags, especially for White Falls since stealthers can pick up the flag so quickly, and not only does it reveal them but blows them back a little ways giving you a little extra time to recover incase they put some CC on you.