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Thread: Sabo essences?

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    Default Sabo essences?

    So I am the 44sab/20ass/2rgr spec and am curious what essences you all recommend. Is there a point in using majors? I have all lessers except for Scorched Flamesource that procs a lot but am curious if I should change that 1 major for a lesser with stats or keep the 42 crit proc.

    Any thoughts?

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    most greaters are crap scorched flamesource is good until you get ~1k crit thru gear alone. basically any of the dex based inscribed stone essences from the vendors are good enough. there might be an 'optimal' combination but idc for that too much
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    Stack dex and crit until you're at 1k crit self buffed with no consumables, then starting switching out crit for ap items. I'd ditch the greater - only one I've seen that's worth it is the Necrotic Semblance.

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