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Thread: Nightdancer build?

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    Default Nightdancer build?

    Noticed a rogue today kicked my *** with what LOOKED like some sort of nightdancer build. Anyone got a link to it?

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    is more of a solo/spike spec since it doesn't have dancing steel. You do get a good +9%parry and 8% dodge going consistently and bladedancer has a few good dealing moves/buffs going off of dodge/parry so it tends to help allot. Then strike back/reprisal/weapon barrage after scourage of darkness means your gonna rack up allot of death dmg on the enemy fast, especially if you have full heat retention up when you pop it. Also combat efficiency is pretty necessary if you don't plan on killing everyone in less than 7~ secs.

    was a fun build to have on another spec. You just wait till your main CDs are down and if your stretching for survivability since your heals are a little off that WF or they have fantastic dps u can just switch over to this build and burn threw the 6 secs all attacks miss and 3 sec immune to dmg while you wait for sidestep and twilight shelter to get off CD then switch back ;)
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