hi guys. just makin this thread to post a couple idea's i was thinking about for bards.

1.) i'd like to see our anthem of bravery and knowledge become 1 anthem. our guild splits these buffs up alot for casters and melee and it would be really nice to just be 1 cast. archon have the same thing but theirs is all in 1 buff, why cant ours be?

2.) i would like to see our motif timer increase. i was thinkin even if it's to 1min that would be so much better than feeling like you can only get off a few cadence's before you have to refresh the motifs. or trion could introduce a new finisher that would fresh our motifs. that would be intriguing to me.

3.) i would like to see a skill that gives us some time for cadence to be cast while moving. i know this is probly just a pipe dream but it would be nice to have for when you have to move but also need to be cadencing at the same time.

so trion, i hope you take a look at these idea's and give them atleast a 5min thought. does anyone else have any idea's they'd like add for bard changes?