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Thread: A common service announcement for all rogues whom PvP!

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    Default A common service announcement for all rogues whom PvP!

    This just in!

    It seems that rogues are .....what's that?!? Competing in warfronts?!?!?

    You don't say!.... What's that!?! They're trying to do damage with less than rank 5 Prestige!?!?!
    I don't believe it!

    *we're down on the scene with eye witness testimonies*
    "I saw it with my own eyes! These....ascended....they were just running around and trying to ....hurt others!!!!" ~warrior

    "I was trying to heal people doing damage, when this light, quick, thing just sped across my PeeeRifeRaL visions! ~Cleric

    "Fireballs, Thunderstorms, Pets EVERYWHERE!!! I felt this thing nudgin at my backside....I turned around and saw this ..... person, trying to stab me with a sharp butter knife." ~Mage

    -----ShOcKiNG NeW InfOrMaTIOn-------------
    *sounds of fighting in background*
    "We're down here at the scene....it's ..anarchy, chaos...... People won't stop fighting in this Garden!!! Swords, knives, guns, big sticks, flames, lightning..... what will we see next!?!?!?!"

    "What's that....a group of people have started ...what's that!?! SINGING?! ... and what's that....hang on!......Instruments?!?! It sounds like a .... lute.... who the f*** plays a lute!?!?"
    "You say they're trying to.... help out their friends, with songs.....and dance?!?!?"

    *pan away from the scene*
    "We'll give you more details, when our trustworthy sources report the facts!!!"

    Sorry peeps.... I came here to say...if your a rogue, doing warfronts, and say....less than rank 5 prestige...pick up an instrument, and sing a song..... help the others that are more geared out.
    Rogues are kinda "gimped" in aspect to the other classes at pvp. Don't waste space by trying to do some damage. Support the ones around you that CAN do the damage!!!!!!!!! HOPEFULLY when 1.5 comes, we can actually make rogues feared on the battlefield once again, like they should be.......only time will tell....

    I had the ^ scene come into my head right after i made the title to this thread, so i had to go with it....

    ~Peace, and Alligator Grease!!

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    Lmfao, this is quite accurate.

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    i love you, for brightening my day and making me laugh. I demand more of these public service annoucements
    "sigil? I have sigil.. 1.5 day no problem"
    im a rogue in No quarter , I raid with a green sigil and im 10/11 in HK.. you can farm loot but cant farm skill

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