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Thread: Sab ranged or melee weapon based?

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    Default Sab ranged or melee weapon based?

    Just wondering on the skills that say they use your weapon damage + whatever, what weapon are they talking about? Is the Sab considered a melee or ranged class?

    Do skills in other souls that increase ranged weapon damage affect the Sab or should I look for Melee skills?

    I personally prefer a ranged Sab but if his bombs/charges are considered/based off his main hand damage rather than range then I should rethink my build and perhaps go Marksmen instead even though I love making things go boom. Don't really care for melee rogues.

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    My understanding is that if you have ranger as your third soul, even with no points in it, you are considered ranged. However, don't rely on my understanding. i have been wrong before .

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    This is before any changes in 1.5.

    44 Sabo/20 Assassin/2 Ranger but I can't remember off=hand where to put the 2 points, and then it's based off your ranged weapon.

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