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Thread: Crit rating in regards to cap VS Attack Power

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    Default Crit rating in regards to cap VS Attack Power

    I believe the crit rating cap is somewhere around 1100ish IIRC.

    Is there a point or value where AP scales/becomes better? I'm already around 45-48% crit in most
    of my rogue specs and wondering if I should start working in AP as their are talents that scale with
    AP and the diminishing returns on crit after a certain point.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default AP all the way!

    45% crit is the soft cap for crit. Anything above 45% you get less out of the stat, and once you hit 60% crit then you get 0 from it being its the hard cap. Now one thing to keep in mind is the 5% you get from Ranger, and the 5% you get from Assasin isn't effected by the cap. If you look under stats you should see the (45.00 + 5.00) 50% to crit. Left # being your effected crit stat, and right number being your talents.

    Currently, i chug down as much dex and AP as i can come by. And the only place you can fluxuate your stat's is with rune enchants and your sigil of 5. Rest will come from gear which will have Dex as primary, STR 2ndary, and crit/ap. Some weapons have either ap or crit, but i wouldn't be picky with weapons.
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