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Thread: Rift Community Guide Compendium - Rogues [U: 1/24/12]

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    Default Rift Community Guide Compendium - Rogues [U: 1/24/12]

    Hi everyone!

    We've received some requests to highlight the Rift community-written guides for specific groups on our forums. In this thread, you will find Rift community-written guides for rogues.

    Over time, with patches and additions to the game, some of this information might become outdated. If this happens, feel free to contact Walsingham via PM.

    You can view all of our community-written guides in the Rift Community Guide Compendium thread, as always. It gets updated weekly, so check back often!

    The Bloodstalker - 1.6 DPS build - Written by Kurieg **NEW**

    Rogue DPS BiS Spreadsheet [1.6 Update] - Written by Ages **NEW**

    Rogue DPS Upgrade Planner - Written by Roobarb

    Devious' 1.5 Rogue Tanking Guide - Written by Devious

    Zyzyx's Rogue PVE DPS bible - Written by Zyzyx **UPDATED**

    Sinjyn Spec 1.5 - Written by Barashin

    Hoko's Blink'blade/Shadowdancer guide for 1.5 - Written by Hokonoso

    Nightstalker PvP Start-Up Kit (40nb/26rs) - Written by Fonk

    Hoko's 36nb/20sin/10mm guide for 1.5 - Written by Hokonoso

    Cylint SinStalker/BardStalker - Written by Cylint Nyte


    Blink Bard Guide- WF/PVP - Written by Xillean **NEW**

    Subakna's Bard Guide - 1.4 - Written by Subakna

    Trimen's 1.5 Raid Bard Build - Written by Trimen


    Trimen's 1.5 Gimmick Marksman Spec - Written by Trimen

    Quiescent's MM PvP guide - Written by Zaros

    Sozu's PvE Marksman Guide, [v1.5] - Written by Sozu
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