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Thread: So.. if I don't like Sab?

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    Default So.. if I don't like Sab?

    Well, I'm a fresh 50, capable ot T1s (and according to the game T2s but haven't bothered) and truth be told I do not like Sabdancer playstyle. What are my alternatives for T1/T2 dungeons? I really like Bladedancer tree and playstyle but I'm really open to suggestions. I tried scrambling something in the lines of sin/bd/nb, would something like this work?


    So, what are my options in specs besides sab when it comes to melee?

    Thanks in advance.

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    wait till wednesday, switch to saboteur (46/20) and profit. it wont matter what you like, just be glad you can dps from range (sabodancer sux comparitively since it requires melee).
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