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Thread: Assassin Macro's

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    Default Assassin Macro's

    Hey guys, not played rift for a while and have just started again due to friends.
    we all decided to re-roll and i made a rogue and after playing a shaman cleric and using a one button macro from level 1-50 , i was wondering if there are any good ones for assassins??

    Thanks guys


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    Not really, mainly for assassin you're limited to just a few skills(some stealthed and some unstealthed) so you don't heavily rely on macros like you do warriors and dps melee clerics.

    Depending on how high you go into assassin and whether you want serpent strike in your main macro is another thing.

    Basically my macros for 51sin/15inf/0Rgr are

    #show Final blow
    cast final blow
    cast head shot

    #show savage strike
    cast serpent strike
    cast backstab
    cast savage strike
    cast quick shot

    You can take serpent strike out of that and keep it on it's own button if you want, I prefer to have it in my macro.

    #show malicious strike
    cast malicious strike
    cast quick shot

    Some people put SLip away and hidden veil on the same macro
    #show slip away
    cast slip away
    cast hidden veil

    I prefer to have them separate.
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    I've seen some people who run at least 14 points in riftstalker add Shadow Stalk to those macros. That way they can easily pop behind someone and use the backstab (already in the macro). I don't prefer it, because I like using Shadow Stalk from range to close the distance.

    I also will add some short-term CD buffs from sin or bladedancer to start a macro, and keep a separate, simpler macro with no buffs for when I don't want to wast them. You can also throw in a stealthed ability at the top of the macro, if you use one regularly. That way there's no need to open with another button (unless you want to open with something other than the stealth ability you have in the macro). But that's just different playstyles more than real efficacy, imo.

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