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Thread: Alright, so I'm trying to make sense of everything....

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    Default Alright, so I'm trying to make sense of everything....

    So when they initially introduced the changes for 1.5 I was pretty excited. Just so I can be properly flamed, I don't log into the PTS, and from what I've been reading I'm glad I don't. I try to balance out the QQ's on the forums with the constructive feedback and try to find a middle ground.

    With the proposals for 1.5 I'm just not finding that middle ground.

    Just the basic gist of what I'm getting so far from a PvP perspective:

    MM- One of the few truly viable PvP specs is being destroyed for PvP in favor of PvE raiding. It looks like the are removing the burst, which is greater than all in PvP ,and replacing it with more steady over time dps with less power consumption. So based on that, this calling will be pretty terrible for PvP.

    Assassin- The one soul that every other class already hates in PvP will be the one that pretty much 95% of ther rogue playing population will be forced to take with the nerfing of MM. Of course it will still probably suck until you are at least rank 6 or so. Overall the changes to this soul look good from what I can tell.

    RS- Is currently rated an F in dps, and will be brought up to about a D or D+? Some increased agro, useless in PvP, and Guardian Phase won't be able to be purged (that's a good thing). I pretty much only use this with bard when I have to heal. The changes to porting abilities will automatically put you in front of a mob if I understand that correctly? Good for PvE tanking, awful for PvP support. I guess if you can couple it with some other melee souls now viably it would be useful.

    Bard- Just lol, nothing to make this class more fun to play in any way. A necessary evil to have a bard spec as a rogue, but you basically spam the same buttons over and over again. One self heal? I would rather see them move down the current 51 point ability in lieu of some sort of motif improvement with a 51 point ability (like one button fires them all off for a longer duration sort of a thing). Meh.

    NB- Never really got into it, no real comment on the changes. Sounds like improvements overall.

    Sab- Increased bomb damage, could be good in zergs but the proof would have to be tested in say a Scion. Overall the same thing.

    BD- Don't play don't care. I know everyone gets an erection about deadly dance, but I just hate the soul.

    Ranger- Awful for PvP. Doesn't sound like they are doing anything to improve it for PvP at all.

    What I'm looking for is a non-bad who doesn't just QQ all the time to let me know where I'm wrong or that Trion really is making some good changes but rogues are just used to complaining about everything.

    Based on what I'm reading, it almost seems from a PvP perspective, I would rather them just keep things where they are. Even from a PvE perspective it seems that most people are still saying they will be pidgeon holed into sabdancer.

    Thanks for your time.

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    The assassin buffs are insignificant, they buffed poisons slightly, poisons are 5% of a assassin's overall dmg so basically you wont feel any different. got an extra brake free and a new (poison related) buff and Backstab is hitting slightly harder (slill not enough for the CD it has).

    in exchange they removed the invulnerability from slip away.

    NB last time i loged on the PTS was doing fine but on live it is also doing fine so...

    Bard... i dont wanna talk about it.

    MM i never liked it as for Ranger Sab i dont care (i dont PvE they are clearly a pve souls)

    BD was improved but not enough to encourage me to take that path.

    Inf got a nice improvement imo, Cleanse Soul doesn't break stealth now

    Over all the "Goal" Trion set for the Rogue changes in 1.5 was good but they didn't even get close to it o.O' if fact they went around it i guess...
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    [Riftstalker]....Good for PvE tanking
    I stopped reading here.

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