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Thread: Pre-raid gear for DPS rogues

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    Default Pre-raid gear for DPS rogues

    Is anyone using the Deathbringer crafted set over r8 PvP pieces for raid DPS, prior to having any raid gear?

    By my calculations, I'd be giving up roughly 428 armor, 8 str, 3 dex, 15 end, 7 crit and 5 hit to gain about 28 AP and the deathbringer 4 piece weapon proc chance (159-233 air dmg).

    I'm just not sure its worth the lost armor and stats for the gain unless the 28 ap really makes a difference and the proc chance is either high or dmg scales very well.

    Thoughts and opinions welcome.

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    AP is the way rogues scale right now. You shouldn't really even be looking at armor. If it has more AP, take it.

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    If you already have R8 gear, don't bother with deathbringer set, it's a very marginal DPS gain at best and will cost you lots of plat, and you'll just replace everything with HK gear anyway.

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