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Thread: Bard PVP

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    Default Bard PVP

    Many are familiar with this build. Simply posting this because I've been seeing a) people on this forum talking about bard pvp that apparently are unfamiliar with it and b) Tons of bards in warfronts running around with 0 defensive talents and getting gibbed.

    I am not soliciting feedback, do not want your opinions, nor do I particularly care what you think. This is what I run and it works for me and my guildies.

    34 Bard / 32 Riftstalker / 0 Infiltrator
    adjust however you want. drop shadow assault, get rift scavenger, etc whatever, just keep imp guardian phase and the shift talents and do whatever else you want.

    Proof of concept:

    300k healing in a port scion match, almost 3x as much as the cleric.


    Self buffs: guardian phase, planebound resilience, anthem of competence/fervor, fanfare of power/vigor

    Basically you will spam motifs, use power chord + cadence to build combo points for coda of restoration, and abuse the riftstalker teleports to be unkillable.

    Every 3 minutes you get Virtuoso, which is a completely awesome ability in warfronts. With this you can essentially keep your team up for 15 seconds, plenty of time for your dps to mow down your enemies. Just build 5 combo points on someone, hit virtuoso and spam coda of restoration. Since you have Riff and Planar switch if your target is killed or runs away or vanishes you can quickly rebuild 5 cps and spam heals.

    Use rift prison and verse of captivation/fascination offensively: Mez their healer while your dps chews up his cronies, mez the mage before he drops big deeps on someone, mez the rogue off your cleric, use captivation as an interrupt.

    Running this build I do a pretty good amount of healing, buff my group well, have decent CC when useful, and have nearly 10k hp in addition to good damage reduction cooldowns and rift shield. I want the enemy team to focus me because that will be wasted DPS.

    This also makes an ok flag/stone running build.

    Macros for maximum laziness:

    1. Riff and Planar Switch
    2. Power chord and cadence
    3. All of your teleport cooldowns
    4. break free and planar refuge
    5. rift prison, verse of captivation and verse of fascination
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