Will you Bard in PvP when 1.5 hits? I'm in a quandary, for some reason- will the Bard be weeded out as the least contributor to the overall battle schematics. Will there be more obvious/useful selections for a Rogue within wf's/WPvP...

Think upon:

You can, unlike other rogues- be silenced (and you will...even if you do not cadence). Also, enjoy an occasional disarm for even more fun.

You can, as any other rogue...be purged by anything and everything. Which, is understandable...but never, ever, ever- will you be able to do that in return. Forget Sleight of Hand, it's a far cry from any other purge and....well, where's our other purges?....ah, MM pretty much IS our purge.

You work incredibly hard to contribute to the team- are often over looked....except, for your brethren Rogues whom despise you with a passion...and make every attempt to erase your presence from the battlefield.

How many Bard buffs/motifs stack?...ah, how many Bards does the battle need?...hmmm

I'm just curious, for- all the callings seem to be pointed toward one avenue or another in PvP...so, which way are they pointing Rogues?