I have dusted off my rogue a bit and started playing him again. However I want to do more melee then ranged. My rogue is just 50 so fresh out of the box. I have been eradicating everyone since i cannot kill anyone really as of yet on my server since most of the players are R5 and above like my other 50's. Still i am determined to try different things for my playstyle. So here is my question and would love a point in the right direction. I will figure the details out on my own. I like these two classes and I havent seen a lot about them together. If I have missed them on the forums aim and ill head there and read up. I haven never played these two at all so they are new for me and I am trying to break them down. Based on the lack of info I am guessing tha tthe synergy and or the output is less then desirable but I really want to try and make something out of this duo. So in closing any suggestions on what to try to get started would be cool and if there are threads out there that you know of link and I'll find my way. Thanks all and good hunting.