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Thread: Newby Lf a pvp spec

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    Default Newby Lf a pvp spec

    So im looking for a pvp rogue build that isnt gimped for lvling as well as pvp, any suggestions?

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    if you're leveling id sudgest 14 points in riftstalker for 3points in "Rift Scavenger" wich heals you for 6% oh your hp per unused combo point on the target when it dies. and the 14 point ability Shadow stalk (teleport to target) is pretty handy in pvp.
    other then that id probably put the rest of my points in nighblade or assassin and leave sabo as a 0 points for aoe slow and ranged detonate for when you're beeng kited.

    at least worked for me when i was leveling
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