So here is the data for those that might be interested.

On test server my bard has GSB/RoS gear. I stand at 1007 crit and 673 AP with no buffs at all. I wanted to try and make a build that is like Ingneous build that is going around. I really like that build, so props to that man! I met him on TS and he was very pleasent.

When making my build, I wanted to see if there was any way to make Cadance actually do some damage.

I speced the build as follows:

I wanted to combine the Rfitstalker bonus with DD bonus to get Cadance to hit hard (well, harder).

Here's the numbers, all numbers are based on max (ie crit) damage:
1. 153 Cadance @ baseline with no points allocated into any soul trees
2. 162 #1 + 5/5 Unseen Fury for 15% AP boost
3. 173 #2 + annhiliation 20% AP bonus active
4. 191 #3 + stalker phase active
5. 216 #4 + 10 second porting buff from Riftstalker active
6. 399 #5 + deadly dance buff

So, with everything up, my cadance was hitting for ~400 per tick (note: 3 ticks every 2 seconds). This will heal 10 people for that amount. With all buffs active I have 57% crit rating.

All of this data is SELF BUFFED ONLY.

The roation is simple:
1. Port, Cadance x2, the annihilation, then cadance x2, then Deadly strike.
2. Port, Cadance x2, Deadly Strike, Cadance x2, Deadly Strike. [repeat #2]

With this spec, self buffed I was doing 600 dps. When you factor in cadance crits vs non crits I was healing for ~320x3=960 each cadance (2 seconds). Keep in mind this level of healing would be going out to 10 people.

This is not energy starved at all. My AP sucks, so I forsee those with AP source machines doing better than I am.

I am not saying this is a good spec, or that you should use the spec. I was simply trying to test how hard I could make cadance hit and see if I could force it into viability.