K did some testing.

Trick shot.. ranger aoe that gives + attack points... if you only have 1 heal debuff up.. wont proc on extra targets.. but if you have both up will proc 1 on main and other on extra targets.

Fan out ... MM aoe that does not give attack points with use... if you only have 1 heal debuff up.. it will proc on all the targets.

So if you want to gain attack points and aoe debuff you need both NB and MM heal debuff procs active.

If you dont mind not getting Attack points.. then MM aoe works great and you only need 1 heal debuff active NB or MM.. but lol dont need NB then.

And no they never stack just overwrite.

But we will have the ability to do what warriors do with aoe heal debuff.. now it can be cleansed but if you spamming it wont matter. But if you are MM for pvp like most ranged pvp people are you have to spec in NB AND Ranger to get aoe debuff where you get attack points with each attack.

So its choices which I like. Go full MM and side what you want and you can aoe heal debuff.. but if you want to gain attack points while you do that.. you have to spec for nb and ranger sides.

Like I said I like it. And I hope this is what Trion was going for. Choices... now you have to decide what way you will want it if your going range spec.