Greetings all,

Sorry for silly thread title, however the question remains. I am not sure what Dev meeting turned out the Wild Boar as an ideal companion for the solo Ranger from 1-50. I have been playing RPGs in one form or another for a long time now, and the idea that the trusty animal companion for the lone woodsman (i.e. Ranger, Hunter, etc) would be a Boar just seems, well, dumb.

So fine, most don't give a damn about lore type aspects of these games, but let me appeal to the aesthetics of it all. Granted they have done a great job of making a reasonably cool looking boar, but having to look at that ugly model for 50 some levels (yes you can get the Raptor after 31 levels, but its model is crap....looks like a road runner without feathers ) seems annoying.

I guess my question would be, is there any rumor of letting us Rangers maybe pick alternative "tank" models or just assign certain pet skills to either of the 2 (or 3 with Raptor) models? Seems a completely shallow request, but I have a rather long history of wondering why the hell all MMO's have so many damn boars in them!! Now I come to this game, and find out I have to use one as a pet for my solo ranger!! (yes I am sure there are those that are going to say they use the wolf just fine solo PVE, but I have a feeling you are in the minority)