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Thread: Any plans to make guardian phase non-dispellable?

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    Default Any plans to make guardian phase non-dispellable?

    Cause in pvp, losing guardian phase if you're a tank means youre ****ed. A dispel for a full spec'd riftstalker is like a 3-4k damage attack.

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    I am on board with this change. I find it to be extremely ridiculous that the only way a Rogue can be "survivable" in PvP is to use a buff that can be stripped. You can't strip a Warriors armor. Admittedly you can strip HoT's, but you can't stop Mages/Clerics from healing themselves, which is ultimately what makes them hard to kill.

    We don't have the armor, and we don't have the options to heal ourselves. Guardian Phase lowers damage by 30%...it isn't going to create killing machines - just offers us a survivable build for Barding/Running.


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