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Thread: Why 2 Weapon Enchantments Only?

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    Default Why 2 Weapon Enchantments Only?


    Weapon enchantments are one of the few self-buffs rogues have at the moment.
    All of their current variations have a 20% chance to proc. Each of them give about 20-30dps and some utility.
    Currently rogues are limited to 2 only at any period of time.

    • Virulent Poison damage on proc
    • Letal Poison +5% crit chance, damage on proc
    • Leeching Poison +Self Heals, damage on proc
    • Debilitating Poison+25% energy/mana cost for enemy, damage on proc

    • Hellfire Blades +5% Damage (skill points required), damage on proc
    • Smoldering Blades DOT effect which stacks to explode, damage on proc
    • Fellblades 50% heal debuff, damage on proc

    • Cloudy Poison +20% increased enemy cast time, no damage on proc

    Upcoming Marksman 1.5 Not Confirmed
    Not worth mentioning until finalized.


    20% Proc rate is kind of low for endgame. They also offer very little in terms of dps/utility.

    Improving Weapon Enchantments Suggestions
    • Make them proc on crit attacks or base + crit chance to proc
    • Make all of them scale to AP (being done in 1.5 for sin why not NB as well)
    • Limit 2 Weapon Enchants per Soul, meaning maximum of 5 WE in total if spec'd right
    • Having some synergy WE bonuses when certain WEs are in effect eg. Lethal + Hellfire Blades makes target receive an additional 5% damage.

    • DPS will increase by about 100+
    • Will look cool to have many types of WE on my weapons
    • More utility in rogue's style of play
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    looks like trion is buffing their damage in the pts currently

    poison mastery gives you another 20% to proc

    Quote Originally Posted by Daglar View Post
    When time allows I'll be looking at the issue with the class guys.

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    Yea its stupid that Rogues get so many but can only use 2 and none of them are any good really that would warrant only being able to use 2. Warriors get buffs that proc on every critical hit.... thats dozens of times better then the crap Rogues have.

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