Hey all,

So as the HK content becomes more clear, and people are starting to identify the successful strats on HK, I wanted to get some feedback on what specs you all bring with you for HK. Obviouslly sabdancer is pwnage mellee on murdantix, sicaron, and matron. But I have started finding that i need some other viable specs for King Mollinar and soulrender Zilas. It seems like having a viable purge, interrupts, burst dps, and also sustained dps are all needed. I usually run interrupt duty on king molinar, so I find having some BD for weapon barrage is an absolute MUST HAVE. Does anyone know of any viable marksman specs in HK? I can see how marks would be a good ranged utility rogue to help on zilas whisps, and also interrupts and purges... my only problem is that the dps is lacking.

Just want to get input on what you all think are solid utility HK specs that have helped on the first 5 bosses.

Currentlly I run:
sabdancer for murdantix mellee
Sabdancer for Matron melle
44 sabo for ranged dps/ whisp duty on soulrender
Sabdancer for sicaron mellee
and mellee ranger for king molinar interupt duty

do you guys see a marksman spec that is viable to give solid mechanics utility while not taking a dps loss of 3-400? please share and discuss